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Current flight schedule for private flights:

Are private flights currently possible at all?

In general, it is allowed to fly, taking all precautionary measures and hygiene regulations into account.
The aircraft is disinfected after each flight. Masks and gloves are provided.

Of course, every flight always depends on the regulations of the respective place of departure and the respective destination.
In the case of one-way flights, it is usually the case in Europe and worldwide that the person entering the country should have
the local citizenship or right of residence and then go into quarantine.

Even on business flights with a stopover, it is currently difficult or impossible to enter and leave the country again.
Even if there is a permit, there will have to be a quarantine afterwards.

There are currently no restrictions within Germany as long as the airports are open.

Numerous aircraft manufacturers and aircraft operators around the world support government agencies and aid organizations
in the fight against the corona pandemic.


Airbus also supports the fight against Corona with its possibilities.
At Airbus, for example, 3D technology is used in its plants in Germany, Spain and France to manufacture medical products.
Airbus planes are currently transporting millions of protective masks from China to Europe.


The aircraft manufacturer Dassault has made two Falcon 8X and Falcon 900 business jets available to the French Ministry of Defense.
The aircraft can carry 13 or 15 passengers and are maintained and operated by the company’s own service department.

You will i.a. Used for the transport of medical personnel and for logistics assistance within France and worldwide.
The jets can also take off and land on smaller airports in almost all visibility and weather conditions.
No further infrastructure is required on the ground.

Wheels Up:

Corona help also from the American business jet operator Wheels Up. So was among other things an airplane to the
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, e.g. to support medical transport. Another promotion is Meals Up.
Together with other organizations, 10 million meals are provided to those in need and helpers.


The American aircraft manufacturer Gulfstream is maintaining its production during the Corona crisis.
The company also supports various organizations and government agencies in the fight against the Corona virus.
Gulfstream donated various medical equipment to hospitals in New York. In addition, the company, like Airbus and other manufacturers,
uses their 3D printer to produce medical equipment.